1 Research & Planning... The first thing we do is investigate competitors in your industry and market. We then brainstorm for preliminary design concepts and to plan the strategy/possible direction for the most basic and core visual element of your brand - the logo.

2 Preliminary Sketches... This is possibly the most time consuming part of branding. It is spread out over several days (or weeks) to explore different directions and see which ones yield the most promising outcome.

3 Logo Design... Here we conceive 3 new unique rough Concepts based on the prior step. They will be presented to you. From the 3 initial concepts, the choice selected will be developed with 3 Rounds of Revision in order to mature the concept, both visually and purposefully. Color is considered during the final Round once the black & white tightened illustration is a final draft.

4 Visual Identity Standards... At this stage we begin applying the logo to guidelines for Application and Use. We establish permissible colors and a possible supportive color scheme for both the finalized logo and more extensive branding design framework. This document may be several pages long, and is essentially a rule book for your brand.

5 Stationery Design (Set)... Once the above step is nearing completion, we consider the applied identity standards in the stationery consisting of a Business Card Template, Letterhead and Envelope. We work out the composition of each item in a similar process to working out the Logo Design.

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